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Homeless Outreach

"Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses." -Proverbs 28:27

I'm passionate about homeless outreach - partially because I've experienced many of the difficulties and challenges myself, and also because God commands us to care for the poor.

As of November 2018, an alarming 567,708 Americans are living on the streets, in cars, or in transitional housing. 

We have to do something about this. I've met too many good people digging through trash cans to turn a blind eye to this need in every city. It's why I left everything behind in 2017 - to give 100% of my time to making a difference. can we help? Food and clothing are obvious, but shelter is the primary need of any homeless person. Showers, too.

In addition to opening a 24/7 residential facility to serve the community of Charlotte, we're fundraising for a Sprinter van to help meet these needs on the streets. The van will be outfitted with mobile showers, fully stocked with care packages, and a rooftop tent to provide shelter for anyone in need. 


Will you help me do this? All it takes is $10 per month to make a difference. This goes toward daily homeless outreach, which provides food, clothing, and care packages to those in need.

-Zack Gudzan, Founder