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The Movement Within You

There's a dream in your heart, and you're trying to figure out how to birth this thing. You're burning with passion, you know there's incredible purpose for your life, and all you really want is to leave a lasting footprint on this planet. Life has put you through so many ups and downs, you sometimes can't even tell the difference. You've learned to be thankful, regardless of your circumstances. You know that peace comes from within, and your faith has become the center of your existence. You love Jesus, you know the Great Commission, but you just don't see that first step.

The dream and desire of your heart was placed there by the very hand of God. Your dream is a movement, entrusted to you and only you, because you are uniquely gifted to walk into it. Your dream has the power to change this entire generation. It's a God-dream.

Start by taking a look at the life of Jesus - the guy we're all supposed to be imitating. He changed the world forever by simply serving whoever was in His path. Jesus was never concerned with the time of day, collecting resources, or money. He didn't even have a place to sleep. He just loved people. He wasn't scared to get dirty, and He didn't wait around for the approval of others - whoever was in His path, He loved. 

Your ministry is your life. God has uniquely gifted you with a testimony - a series of events and circumstances that have shaped you into who you are in this moment. God has ordained every single step of your life. The first step is called obedience. It's the Great Commission. GO. 

Stop wasting time trying to figure out who to help and how to help them. Trust that every person in front of you has been divinely placed before you by our Creator. The universe is an orchestra, and we are the instruments. Make your sound. Use your voice. Tell your friends and co-workers about Jesus. Open up. Pray with strangers in your path - at the grocery store and in the gym. Roll down your window and acknowledge the homeless man begging for money. Give him $5 if you have it, and if you don't...give him Jesus!

We're all individually and spiritually gifted, but we all share the same calling: Love your neighbor as yourself, and GO into all nations and make disciples. 

Your soul is burning, because you have a calling. At some point, you're going to have to practice the faith you say you have. You're going to have to step out of the boat and take a risk - trusting that Jesus will help you. Answer the call today by taking the first step. God will show you what to do next. In time, you'll notice a pattern. God will open the doors and provide the resources. You're already in possession of the greatest gift, and that's Jesus. Start sharing that with the people in your path, and watch your dreams become reality.

You have been fearfully and wonderfully made. You're as intricate as the universe itself. God's plan for your life is so far beyond your wildest imagination, and my prayer is that the Spirit will bring your heart to such a place of overflow, that your only possible reaction is to bring the gift of Jesus into the world with a boldness you've never known before. I love you like crazy, dear friend. You are the light of the world. Go shine.