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March 20 - Whatever It Takes

I worked really, really hard to get my life together. It's still a TON of work: constant 12-step meetings, working with sponsees, reading more than a college student, exercising every day to keep the crazy thoughts at bay, and just keeping it together, in general. No exaggeration, it takes me a solid 10 hours per day to work on myself. THEN, I start my day. But it's sooooo worth it. 

Once you've hit rock bottom, you will do whatever it takes to be happy. Yes, it's a ton of work to stay sober, but it has led me to the life I always wanted. Life is freaking awesome now. I won't trade it for anything, and no one can take my peace.


Whether your struggle is addiction, depression, or the everyday "blah" of life, there's a way out. You're not gonna find it in these words, and you're certainly not gonna find it in another person. You'll find what you're looking for when you hit your knees and acknowledge God for everything He is. Do that every day, and anything is possible.


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