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March 19 - On the Weird Days

Each day (especially in sobriety) has its own set of challenges. Sometimes it's the stress of work, family, or other outside circumstances. Most often, the true challenge of sobriety comes from within. It's the depression that comes out of nowhere, having your old "friends" disappear one by one, and learning to deal with the emotions and feelings we worked so hard to avoid for all those years. And...some days are just plain weird.

Here's what works on the weird days:

1) Pray - even if you're not feeling it. Prayer doesn't always mean you have to say some magical words. It's often just a matter of hitting your knees and acknowledging God's presence. Acknowledge that God is in control.

2) Go Outside - Take a walk, go to the park, something outside. Depression and weird/negative feelings tend to subside in the great outdoors.

3) Encourage Another Person - I don't fully understand how this works, I just know it works. When I do unselfish things, I start feeling better.

If you think all of this is just too simple, and your situation is different...that's the problem. You're thinking too much. Let God do that part. Sometimes, our job as human beings is to just BE. Selfish thinking leads to drinking.


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