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Jan 29 - Imagine

Imagine a world where you can do ANYTHING. A world where fear doesn't exist, money doesn't hold you back, and success is inevitable. That world already exists. It's called today.

You can do anything. Zack Gudzan's CLTIVATE Blog - One Day at a Time

Go ahead and accept the fact that fear is an illusion. It's an evil trap designed by the enemy to keep you from achieving good.

Go ahead and accept the fact that all the money in the world belongs to God, because it does. If your motives are right, and you ask Him, you will receive. 

Go ahead and accept the fact that you are more than good enough. Success is up to you. Only you can define it, and only you can get there.

Sure, it takes hard work. But that's the cool part. That's why we're given a lifetime. It's ok if yesterday wasn't great. Just do your best today. If you do that every day, you'll wake up one day and realize you've already done the impossible.


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