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Jan 10 - Footprints

January 10 - Footprints. CLTIVATE Blog by Zack Gudzan - One day at a time

What path are you on? Are you consumed by work? Are you feeling lonely? Are you feeling stuck? Like…what’s next?I’d like to encourage you to pause and reflect on where you’re standing. In a world where footprints are all around us, it’s easy to get in the routine of mindlessly walking a path – just because footprints are there.

It’s ok to walk a different path. It’s ok to go a completely different direction. It’s ok to question the footprints around you. Always think before you step, because where you step becomes where you are.

"God, please guide my steps today. I trust you with what's next. I will not worry about what's next. Thank you for where I stand today - this crazy journey I'm on. Wherever you lead, I will follow. Amen."


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