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Feb 9 - Repurposed

And put a new spirit within you. One day at a time.

Have you ever walked into a thrift store and thought about how everything in that store once had a different purpose? There's probably a red dress in there that someone wore to impress a guy. There's probably a book that someone read to get through a rough time. A bed that belonged to someone's son who moved away to college. A heavy coat from 5 winters ago. 

Repurposed. My life has a new meaning and a new purpose. One day at a time.

My life is like that. For so many years, my purpose was to "have a good time". If it wasn't fun, I wasn't doing it. If I couldn't drink or get high, it wasn't fun. My life was about girls, money, sports, and parties. But then I lost my value - the seasons changed, and I remained the same. The world no longer needed a 26 year old who drank every day and contributed nothing in return. I felt very empty inside. I emotionally locked myself away in a closet, and that closet became very dark. But then God stepped in. He looked beyond my loose threads and the faded color of my soul, and He purchased me with unfailing love and forgiveness. He gave me a new purpose.

I now live to serve others, and my new Owner uses me every single day. My value increases with time. I no longer sit in that closet of abandon and despair. Today, I get to go outside and breathe, see the world, and be useful to others. 

God sees your true value. Your new Owner will show you a life you never knew existed. Just be patient. 


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