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Feb 6 - By Yourself

Two is better than one. One day at a time.

Sobriety can be a lonely road - especially in today's world where almost everyone drinks. I just know that I can't drink successfully, so I've had to adopt a new lifestyle. It doesn't make me better than anyone, it just means my best chance at success is to avoid temptation as much as possible. That being said, temptation can happen when I'm by myself, too.

When I'm at my best - in sobriety, in my life, and in my work - I'm surrounded by people who encourage me, who support me, and who share the same values. Life isn't meant to be lived alone. Even when it seems like I'm alone in the world, I know in my heart that my true friends are out there cheering me on. Success means nothing if you have no one to share it with.

"You don't get anywhere by yourself." - Matt Ryan

"God, thank you for this new way of life. Even though it seems like I'm alone in this world, I know that you are with me. Today, I pray that you would surround me with laughter and peace. I pray that you would open my eyes to the people you want to be in my life. Thank you for all the difficulties we've endured together and for shaping me into the person you desire. Please give me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone and make new friends today. Amen."

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