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Feb 25 - Daily Bread

It's sometimes easy to worry about my future. Most days I wake up, and my mind begins to race - spinning ridiculous scenarios, imagining negative consequences, and entertaining the possibility of failure. I'll worry about money - where it will come from, how to make more, etc. I'll worry about my living situation - how I'll pay rent next month. In a matter of moments, I'll be imagining myself homeless on the streets! If I don't stop immediately and pray, I run the risk of letting my mind run rampant. For me, an alcoholic, that simply cannot happen. So I pray. 

Addiction and recovery outreach - CLTIVATE - A lesson in prayer, written by Zack Gudzan

My life today is a gift from God - I must never forget that. I rely on Him every day for the strength to carry on. I depend on Him completely, for I vividly remember where self-reliance got me. Depending on God means trusting that He will provide exactly what I need today. Nothing more, nothing less. Tomorrow doesn't matter - if I'm truly living in faith and trusting God, I will always have enough for today. 

Next time you're worried about money (or anything else), consider this:

If someone gave you $1,000,000 today, would you need God? If your life was perfect, would you need to ask for His help? Live in this moment and trust that God will provide - the fact that you're alive means He already has!


"God, thank you for the gift of today. Tomorrow rests in your hands. May your love, wisdom, and grace be enough for me today. You always provide just enough, and I will continue to rely on you. Just as you've lifted my alcoholism, I pray that you would lift the burden of fear, doubt, and worry. Guide my steps, my thoughts, and consume me with your love. Amen." 

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