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Feb 13 - Purpose

"When it comes to your purpose, it will always involve serving others." - Troy Maxwell | Pastor, Freedom House Church

My life had no true purpose for 26 years. At least, I wasn't aware of it. My sole intention every day was to just have fun, and for me, that meant partying. When my life came crashing down before me, I knew I had to get my act together. With God's help and the help of people in my life, I've been able to do that. But "getting my life together" was just the beginning - I still had no idea how to find purpose in this new life.

One Day at a Time - CLTIVATE Blog

Somewhere in the process of learning how to live life without drugs and alcohol, I developed a passion for helping others. I don't mean handing out money, solving world hunger, or anything like that. I mean, just being there for people, being a reliable friend, being a good listener, and helping point people to God. My life didn't suddenly become perfect - I still make plenty of mistakes. The difference now, is that instead of turning to the bottle, I let God's grace cover my mistakes, and I trust that He forgives me and loves me unconditionally.

When I found my passion, my purpose revealed itself. I don't take credit for this CLTIVATE idea. That was all God, and it continues to be a God thing. I'm just waking up every day doing whatever He puts in my heart. The point is, my purpose is to help others, and it took me a long time to realize that.

If you feel restless in your heart, serving others is the best place to start. (I didn't plan for that to rhyme, but we'll go with it.)


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