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Feb 10 - The Cattle and the Buffalo

When a distant storm is brewing, cattle tend to group together and take cover - to endure the storm. It's pretty cool to see.

The buffalo, on the other hand, group together and run toward the storm. They run THROUGH the storm, until they find blue skies. While the cattle are sitting still, enduring the storm, the buffalo are grazing and enjoying perfect conditions. 

The cattle and the buffalo

Either way, the storm will pass. But if I run through it, I get to enjoy more of the good life. The storms in my life are inevitable. I know they're coming. I can wait and worry, or I can own the situation, surround myself with other winners, and run straight through it. I'm often jealous of happy people, but I rarely pause to consider the storms they must have run through.

"God, thank you for the gift of today. Thank you for this storm to run through, for friends to run with, and for always being by my side. For I know this too shall pass, and this is what it takes to find peace. May you ease my spirit today, and fill me with the courage to run through whatever life throws my way. I pray for wisdom, and I pray that you would surround me with your perfect peace and protection. Amen." 


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