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April 3 - Scoreboard

I'm watching the NCAA Basketball Championship right now - what a great game!!! As I watch this game unfold (Go Tar Heels, btw), I'm noticing a ton of parallels between the game of basketball and my own sobriety.

For 40 straight minutes, these players go up and down the court, one possession at a time, trading buckets. On some possessions, they score, and on others, they don't. Every second matters. Every decision affects every play. And every small, meaningless free throw adds up to an incredibly meaningful final score.

Some days I just don't see the point in all of this. It's as if I spend an entire day dodging defenders, passing the ball, and moving back and forth in this crazy game of life. I'm working so hard, sweating and fighting to score, and sometimes the ball just doesn't go in. I need timeouts to pray and get my plan together. My opponent is incredibly crafty and annoying. And the crowd isn't always pulling for me.

But I have to remember what I'm fighting for, and it's more than 15 seconds of fame and a trophy. This is my life! Every little move I make affects the final score, and that in itself is enough to keep me going. Every email, every little comment I pause & reply to, every shirt I send in the mail, every donation that comes in, every gym session, every run, every Bible verse, every prayer, every load of meaningless laundry, every moment of anxiety, every smile, every person I meet, every day of rain, and every little little of every word that you may or may not ever see - I keep doing it, because I know it adds up.

I do not know if we'll score on the next possession tomorrow, and frankly, I don't care. All I know is that God passed me the ball on THIS possession, and He told me to do my best. That is all. Go Heels!

Much Love,


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